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Livepeer Studio makes minting video NFTs very accessible. After getting your API Key, you can upload assets to mint them to create a video NFT.

About Minting with Livepeer Studio

When minting a video NFT, Livepeer Studio provides a video-nft script for you to use that includes a pre-deployed ERC-721 on Polygon mainnet and Mumbai testnet. Installing this script on your computer prompts you to provide some information such as your API key, the video file in .mp4 you want to use as the NFT, and the name you want to give to the NFT.

After completing the required information, your file will be transcoded by the Livepeer Network and then exported to IPFS. This generates metadata about your asset, including the nftmMetadataUrl needed for minting and a URL to mint on either Polygon mainnet or Mumbai testnet.

For information on creating your custom ERC-721 contract, or to develop your NFT minting project, follow the Minting guide.