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Welcome to Livepeer Studio

This documentation site is organized with conceptual information, instructional guides, and API and extended references for developers to discover how to work with Livepeer Studio features and capabilities.

Introducing Livepeer Studio

Livepeer Studio includes a developer toolkit with a hosted gateway to the Livepeer Network.

  • The Livepeer Studio toolkit APIs and SDKs are designed for building video experiences for your video streaming applications.

  • The Livepeer Network provides a decentralized video infrastructure that is highly scalable and token incentivized, cultivating Web3 principles.

Main Features

LivestreamWith Livepeer Studio's easy-to-use API, you can quickly implement common livestreaming workflows into your application to enable live, interactive video experiences. Send video to multiple destinations simultaneously, record, and get insights about stream health.
On DemandAllow users to easily upload, store, and playback video on your application. Assets may be stored on decentralized storage solutions.
MintUsing the Video Minting SDK, enable your users to mint video NFTs on any EVM-compatible blockchain.

Common Use Cases

Livepeer Studio is designed for you to be able to customize and address a wide range of implementations, including but not limited to:

  • Decentralized creator applications so that end-users can cultivate community via livestream, video upload, and minting and selling video NFTs to subscribers and fans
  • Events platforms that allow end-users around the world to connect with live events
  • Short-form video applications for end-users to easily record and play video for their subscribers
  • On Demand 24/7 streaming applications so that subscribers can tune in and access video content at any time

Note: For a more in-depth look into our features and capabilities, we encourage you to explore the core concepts information in the About Studio section of this documentation site, and experience firsthand how Livepeer Studio works with our introductory Quickstart guide described here below.

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Get up and running with the Livepeer Studio Quickstart, a guide for Application Developers to become familiarized with Livepeer Studio in three easy steps using the Livepeer Studio API and Javascript:

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