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With Livepeer Livestream capabilities, you can create, update, retrieve, and delete streams:

About Livestreaming with Livepeer Studio

Livestreaming is simple with Livepeer Studio. After acquiring an API Key, you can create livestreams and make calls to the API to get additional information on that stream. This can be done either through the dashboard or by interacting directly with the API.

Once a stream is created, you will receive information for that stream -- for example, a Stream ID for accessing the specific stream, a Stream Key and RTMP URL for directing the stream into Livepeer Studio from broadcasting software (e.g., OBS), and a Playback URL for viewing in a video player (e.g., Video.js).

Livestreaming Capabilities

Some things you can do with livestreaming and how they work:

Create a streamCreate a new stream and generate information required for streaming and viewing, e.g. the Stream ID, Stream Key, RTMP URL, Playback URL.
Update a streamModify existing streams to enable livestream recording, suspending a livestream, or enabling the stream for multistreaming.
Get stream(s)Retrieve either a single stream or a list of existing streams created.
Delete a streamRemove an existing stream.

To learn more on using the Livestream feature, visit the Livestreaming guide or the Stream API Reference for more detailed instructions.