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Glossary of Terms

Included in this table is a collection of terms you may find while navigating the video tech world . This glossary of terms covers common standard industry terms, acronyms, and glossary entries that are described within the context of Livepeer Studio.

APIRefers to the Livepeer Studio API ("the API")
ABRAn Internet Video Streaming industry standard term, ABR streaming is known as "Adaptive Bitrate Streaming". The Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) ladder can be considered metaphorically and refers to "the array of segments of different quality and resolution which are available from the streaming server. If the bitrate rises, the logic in a video player can select a larger size file with better quality to play, thus resembling the "climbing up of the ladder".
AudioLivepeer Studio has the capability for playing back audio separately from video (with the proper format for transcoding). For example, if you want to playback Audio only streams, once you upload a video with audio, you can turn the video off.
See Audio Only Streams.
CDNStream delivery via CDN
ContainerA package/wrapper for the media essence, a file format. When files are uploaded they are uploaded with audio and vidio in a "Container" or "Manifest"
DMSThis refers to the Decentralized Media Server built on Web3 principles (in contrast to Web2 centralized media servers)
Mint(ing)Creating/converting an additional digital asset (e.g., a .pdft, jpeg, gif, mp3, mp4) and storing it onto the blockchain to take ownership of your digital NFTs.
See also NFT
NFTNon Fungible Tokens
vs FT "Fungible Token" (i.e. LPT -- Livepeer Token)
Progressive File Delivery ProtocolsSee in our reference section for more information See File Delivery Protocols.
TranscodingTranscoding is the process of taking an input source video in one format andbitrate, and converting it to many output rendition videos with different formats and bitrates such that the video can be played on the majority of the devices in the world at any internet connection speed.
Additional details on transcoding can be found in this blog post.
WebhookSee our guide on Webhooks.
WebRTCWeb Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) is a set of browser APIs compatible with secure RTP (SRTP).
Advantage: It has all the properties of RTSP with the added bonus of browser compatibility. Disadvantage: It is still relatively new and has not seen much use yet, but promises to be the most prevalent protocol in the near future.

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