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Enjoy our selection of Livepeer Studio examples to learn from or incorporate into your project.

Example AppDescription
Mint Video NFTsCode and instructions are provided to Mint video NFTs. Like no other NFT minting tools on the market, Livepeer Studio allows you to create actual video streamed tokens (e.g., send as music videos, stream previews, video postcards, ...).
Create a Video PlayerCode and instructions showcase how you can use Livepeer Studio APIs to create a livestream and play it via JWPlayer.
WebRTMPDesigned for Livepeer Studio, instructions are included for using a JavaScript SDK for streaming media via RTMP from the Web. This can also be implemented for any service running a webrtmp-server.
Justcast.itThis web app provides code for adding "1-click starting a livestream" so that you can create a stream using the Livepeer Studio API.
Livepeer Web API ProxyThis Proxy extends the ability to limit access to the Livepeer Studio API for the web so that you can implement your own authentication method (e.g., if security or billing are of concern). You will be able to allow for creating streams directly from the browser without exposing access to an entire account via your API key. You can maintain, i.e. iterate and update, on the live deployment leveraging features.
Livepeer NFT GateThis code provides steps to build a Livepeer NFT Gate app so that you can validate that, from a specific contract, a viewer owns an NFT in order to view your livestream.
Livepeer API Usage ExamplesThis example demonstrates how to add live or on demand video experiences to your application using the Livepeer API and Livepeer.js.
React Native ExampleThis example application demonstrates how to add live video experiences to a React Native application using the Livepeer API.