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About Livepeer Studio

The following provides detailed high-level technical information of what you will be able to build using Livepeer Studio.

Developers interested in working with video applications will be able to utilize our:

  • Livepeer Studio Tookit: To build decentralized video applications using Livepeer Studio's API
  • Dashboard: To test Livepeer Studio's API capabilities and to monitor stream health for live streams

Livepeer Studio Developers

Livepeer Studio is for you if:

  • You are interested in building video applications using Web3 technologies
  • You are interested building applications for video utilizing the Livepeer network

What You Can Build

Common implementations include, but are not limited to:

  • Livestreaming creator applications
  • Event platforms
  • Content creator experiences
  • Event streaming
  • On-demand experiences

What You Need to Know


  • Livestream - Stream live into the Livepeer network
  • On-Demand - Upload existing video recordings to Livepeer
  • Mint - Ability to mint video NFTs

How Does Livepeer Studio Work?

Explore our Technical Overview for an indepth look at how Livepeer Studio works and how it is used.


Livepeer Studio architecture is designed for streaming to delivery beginning with the device of your choice (e.g., cameras, mobile apps, stored video files, etc.) with processes from streaming to uploading utilizing:

For more indepth information See Livepeer Studio Architechture.

Sample Apps Library

Experiment with our sample applications and take it to the next level with your own customization.

Support Matrix

Learn more about how we support our features.